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Whether you’re a direct, London or wholesale broker, we give you the power to trade with confidence and authority.

No matter what your business model, or where you operate, Websure has a scalable and flexible solution for brokers. We can support single-office businesses through to multi-national operations with multi-currency, overseas tax and local language requirements.

We can automate the entire broking life cycle, providing greater control and efficiency for virtually any class of business.

Open market and wholesale binder operations are managed within the core Websure platform. You have full visibility and control over your business, with real-time dashboards and MI reporting.

Key features and benefits:

  • MRC and LPAN production
  • Automated reset
  • A&S and ECF capability
  • Bordereaux production
  • Full cycle delegated authority management with automated workflow and referral
  • Rating and documentation
  • Client portal with online real-time dashboards and MI for complete visibility
  • HMRC sanctions checking
  • Online trading
  • Complete audit and contract certainty